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FAQ - myEGK (App and Portal)


Registration is explained under the following link: Instructions for registering myEGK

Your agency will be glad to help if you have any questions.

Registration is explained under the following link: Instructions for registering myEGK

Your agency will be glad to help if you have any questions.

This is printed on your personal insurance policy or insurance card (8 digits).


Anyone aged 14 and over who has an active insurance policy.

You can register with a number from the EU.

Users are automatically blocked after several attempts at registering if the data are not correctly entered. Access is unblocked automatically after 15 minutes and you can start registering from the beginning again.

Registration is not possible until the start of insurance. The data cannot be viewed until the start of cover.

You can do that yourself via “More --> Settings --> User account” under “Delete account”.

The registration code has already been sent. Should you no longer have the code, you can reorder it from your agency and have it sent by post. 

Close the app and then restart the registration process. Should it still not work, contact your agency.


Click “Password forgotten” above “Login”. 

You can change your mobile number yourself under “More --> Settings --> User account”.

The block will be automatically lifted after 15 minutes. Otherwise, please contact your agency.

Yes, you can adjust your username yourself under Settings.

The security code can be copied and adopted “from the messages”.

  1. Type “SMS-Code” in the field
  2. Type “From messages” and the security code will be adopted
  3. Type “Next”

Yes, the username and password are stored with this. You can do this yourself under “More --> Settings --> Device”.


Your account will be terminated automatically after a 90-day period.
Only limited functions remain available in myEGK after departure. You can only submit documents.

No. You must be able to provide us with the originals upon request.

You can submit all documents.

To be able to see your entire family you need to be stored in the system as head of the family. Unless this is the case, you can only see your own data.

You can use myEGK anywhere in the world. You simply need to be registered and to have an Internet connection.

The portal supports the web browsers Edge, Chrome, Safari and Firefox on the Windows and MacOS operating systems. 

If you wish to adjust the payment details, you can do this via “Messages”. 

Yes, there is an app for an iPad/tablet.

Your insurance card can only be found on the app and not on the iPad/tablet or portal.

The document for upload may not be larger than 10MB.

Every scanned document is shown under “Documents”.


You always need an Internet connection to use the app.

You must make sure when scanning that your mobile phone is held still in your hand. The scanning process functions automatically. 

The app can only be found in the Swiss app store.

The app supports all devices with one of the following operating systems: iOS and Android (current version -1). Example: 2024 iOS 17.x --> support up to iOS version 16.


No, only one document (with multiple pages) may be sent per dispatch.

The document may only concern one person.

The portal can only be used in combination with a mobile phone. You receive the security code required for accessing the portal on this device, thereby facilitating two-factor identification.


We don’t collect any additional data which are not already in the insurance system. A protocol is kept of technical information, such as any error messages when you log in. We also have usage information to help us continue to improve.  

The latest security components are used for the app and myEGK portal, and the connection is encrypted accordingly. Transactions are also protected by means of a user ID, password and PIN. We recommend that you use a suitably complex password (i.e. not a date of birth). 

As a rule, the registration code can only be requested by the insured person from the agency. It will only be sent by post to the stored address.

Any documents and enquiries already submitted remain in the system. Invoices that have already been scanned but not yet sent by then are not saved.


This error message can have several causes:

  • Check whether the entire page has been photographed
  • Check whether the text is legible
  • Look at the scanning info

Yes, subsequent documents (policies, premium and benefit statements, tax statements, payment reminders and admonitions) will then be sent electronically.

Both documents are sent electronically and by post.

ASR checks are printed on paper only and sent by post. They cannot be found on myEGK.

Virtual insurance card

Your Vicard can be accessed under “My insurance cover/card” in myEGK.

  1. Register at the doctor’s surgery or hospital by scanning the QR code.
  2. Have the barcode on your virtual insurance card scanned at the pharmacy, hospital or doctor’s surgery.
  3. Register at the doctor’s surgery or hospital by scanning the NFC code provided.

No, for security reasons, the virtual insurance card is only integrated into the myEKG app.

Press “myEGK” on the bottom left, then scroll downwards. You will find the SOS number there.

  1. If a new card has been ordered, it will not be displayed until it has been produced.
  2. If there is no valid social insurance number, an insurance card cannot be issued.

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