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Stiftung SNE: We promote naturopathy and empirical medicine

In 1995 the SNE Stiftung für Naturheilkunde und Erfahrungsmedizin (Foundation for Naturopathy and Empirical Medicine) was founded by EGK-Gesundheitskasse. Since then, we have been launching and supporting activities throughout Switzerland for the natural strengthening of health. Our goal is to raise awareness of health, strengthen the role of complementary medicine as an integrative treatment, and motivate people to assume responsibility for their own health. We focus on people and their needs, regardless of their current health, illness or life situation.

Recognition and arrangement of therapists

On behalf of EGK-Gesundheitskasse, the Stiftung SNE recognises and arranges therapists and naturopaths in cooperation with the EMR (Empirical Medicine Register). Thanks to this service, persons who are not insured with EGK-Gesundheitskasse also benefit from our expertise in the field of natural medicine and complementary medicine.

Stiftung für Naturheilkunde und Erfahrungsmedizin (SNE) offers a comprehensive education programme for professionals in the health industry, as well as interested lay persons. This is just one of the many benefits - find out everything worth knowing about SNE in the explanatory video.

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