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EGK-SUN: The supplementary insurance for complementary medicine

EGK is a one-stop shop for everything. With EGK-SUN supplementary insurance, you no longer have to worry about private and semi-private hospital cover and outpatient insurance as you are covered for all situations in life:

  • Free access to complementary medicine from over 14,000 registered therapists and naturopaths
  • Naturopaths are equal to doctors

  • Free information on complementary medicine with EGK Paraphone
  • Free choice of hospitals throughout Switzerland
  • Extensive benefits for pregnancy and birth
  • Orthodontics for children
  • Preventive services
  • Emergency transport in Switzerland and abroad
  • Protection abroad including assistance
  • ... and more

Compare the different EGK-SUN variants in our product comparison.

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EGK-DENT: Insurance for annual dental visit

Would you like to insure your teeth, too? EGK-DENT dental insurance covers all dental treatments and procedures.

Find out more about EGK-DENT (in German)

EGK-SUN-BASIC: Information

The EGK-SUN-BASIC product line will no longer be sold. Existing customers can find the applicable insurance terms and conditions here:

EGK-SUN-BASIC Terms and Conditions of Insurance

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