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Finding the right insurance solution is sometimes not easy. Our customer advisers are therefore happy to take time for you.

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Supplementary insurance from EGK: There for you in all circumstances

At EGK-Gesundheitskasse you choose your insurance according to your needs. Compare the various supplementary insurance products of EGK and discover the model that suits you best.

Whether you attach importance to free choice of doctor, hospital or choice of method, whether you need extensive offers in the field of complementary medicine or if you want more support in health promotion and prevention - our flexible supplementary insurance makes it possible.

Conventional and complementary medicine are treated on an equal footing

Thanks to the equal treatment of conventional medicine and complementary medicine, you can be treated by expert therapists with EGK-SUN supplementary insurance and thus benefit from the advantages of integrative medicine. Compare the different insurance variants now.

The supplementary insurance for your child

There are always many major and minor decisions associated with a new life. What name should the child be given? What colour should the walls of his/her room be painted? In this time of anticipation it is easy to forget something that is actually very important. This includes the question of health insurance cover. You are advised to take out supplementary insurance with hospital cover for the whole of Switzerland, so that your child is provided with optimum insurance from birth. Depending on the insurance model, your newborn will benefit from complementary medical services and contributions to prevention. As a welcome gift, the EGK waives the premium for the birth month - you will also receive a soft plush bathrobe for your baby.
Read more here or contact your agency for further information.

Further product: EGK-DENT

Supplementary insurance for dental visits

The dental care insurance EGK-DENT also helps against tooth decay. It basically covers all dental treatments and appliances, from prophylaxis through orthodontics to prosthetics. You can choose from three levels of service, in which 50 to 75 percent of the treatment costs are covered up to an amount of 500 to 1500 francs. The insurance cover begins 12 months after the start of the contract.

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