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Pet insurance for your cat or dog

Comprehensive cover

Pet insurance from Calingo offers tailored protection for your pet depending on the level of cover chosen.

  • Complementary medical treatments such as physiotherapy or acupuncture
  • Routine veterinary examinations and treatment in case of illness or accident
  • Dental treatment necessary owing to accidents or illness included
  • Preventive healthcare such as vaccinations, castration or flea and worm treatments
  • Coverage of costs for emergency care while the owner is in hospital


  • Cover possible for all breeds without age restriction and also where there are pre-existing conditions
  • Premium remains the same as age rises
  • Prompt benefit payment in the event of a claim
  • Pet insurance can be cancelled every month
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The right protection for your pet

Your EGK customer advisor will help you to find the right protection for your cat or dog.

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