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Complementary medicine

Looking for holistic treatment? Then look no further than EGK.

Naturopaths are equal to doctors

It makes no difference to us whether you visit a naturopath or a doctor.
Our supplementary insurance gives you the freedom to choose – as well as unrestricted access to complementary medicine treatment with over 14,000 of our registered therapists.

More than just an alternative

Complementary medicine is a group of diagnostic and therapeutic disciplines that are used together with conventional medicine. These include:

  • Acupuncture
  • Anthroposophic medicine
  • Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)
  • Traditional homeopathy
  • Phytotherapy

If these methods are applied by suitably qualified doctors, the cost of treatment is covered by mandatory health care insurance.
Further complementary medicine treatments listed in the dictionary of therapeutic terms (German), such as Bach flower remedies, kinesiology and shiatsu, are covered by supplementary insurance.

More than 40 years of expertise

In terms of holistic medicine, we have been covering complementary medicine remedies since 1978.
We were also the first Swiss health insurer to set up an office in 1991 for therapist approvals and referrals, allowing you to benefit from high-quality complementary medicine.

More than 25 years ago, EGK set up the SNE Foundation for Naturopathy and Alternative Medicine (German). This offers further training in accordance with the latest scientific findings. 

Dictionary of therapeutic terms

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