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Finding the right insurance solution is sometimes not easy. Our customer advisers are therefore happy to take time for you.

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You can send in your bills, refund vouchers and receipts via the app, customer portal or by post. 

You can submit your receipts using the myEGK app (Scan function). The app is available free of charge in the App Store and Google Play Store.


You can also upload your receipts via the customer portal. To do this, click on the "Submit documents" function and upload the desired files.

Send your receipts to our Service Centre in Lucerne:   

  • EGK Services AG
    Service Center
    P.O. Box
    6009 Lucerne

Here you will find the print template for the adhesive address labels.

There are two types of payment under the Swiss health insurance system: "tiers garant " and "tiers payant"
  • Tiers garant: You receive the invoice directly from the service provider.Please submit the refund receipts to us and pay the bill to the service provider. You will receive a benefits statement showing the amount you get from us after deduction of the deductible and franchise.
  • Tiers payant: Service providers bill the health insurance funds directly.We pay the bill directly to the service provider. You will receive a statement of benefits from us with your cost sharing (deductible and franchise).
You will receive a copy of the invoice from your doctor. This serves as your information.
  • The service providers are obliged to send a copy of the invoices to the patients for control purposes. Please do not submit these.
  • Control of the invoice copies. Learn more about Tarmed bills here (German).
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