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The healthy choice for you and your baby

Welcoming a new life into the world always involves having to make a number of decisions, both big and small. During this period of joyful anticipation, it’s easy to forget things that could actually be very important – such as enquiring about health insurance cover. Here you will find all you need to know.

Basic insurance

All health insurance companies offer the same mandatory health care insurance pursuant to the Federal Health Insurance Act (KVG). Maternity benefits are exempt from deductibles and excesses (cost contributions). From week 13 of your pregnancy, you will no longer have to contribute towards the cost of general cases of illness.

The following services are covered:

  • 7 check-ups (frequency of check-ups for high-risk pregnancies determined by the doctor)
  • 2 ultrasound scans (frequency of check-ups for high-risk pregnancies determined by the doctor)
  • Lab tests arranged by the doctor
  • 1 postnatal check-up
  • CHF 150 towards antenatal courses with an approved midwife
  • 7 check-ups (instead of check-ups with the doctor)
  • Statutory care and nursing expenses for mother and child in the case of outpatient births in the hospital, birthing centre or at home
  • 3 breastfeeding consultations with a specially trained and registered nurse or an approved midwife
  • Hospital services for the mother and the healthy infant during the stay for the birth.
  • In the case of home births and outpatient births in hospital or in a birth centre: midwife services as well as materials partly used by the midwife in accordance with the list of resources and items (MiGeL).
  • Hospital services for you and your healthy baby during your birth stay
  • In the case of home births and outpatient births in the hospital or birthing centre: midwife services as well as some of the materials on the List of Aids and Equipment (MiGeL) used by midwives

You will also have to register your child for mandatory health care insurance pursuant to the Federal Health Insurance Act (KVG) within three months of the birth. To allow you to savour every moment with your newborn child, it would be best to register prior to the birth. Then all you have to do is tell us the name and date of birth of your child.

Supplementary insurance

Many new mothers would also like to make use of additional services during the pregnancy, birth and days following the birth, for example unrestricted access to complementary medicine treatments. EGK-SUN supplementary insurance makes this possible – and allows you to benefit from a whole host of other services in this new chapter of your life.

  • Contributions towards the cost of treatments from therapists and naturopaths
  • All maternity check-ups including ultrasound scans in addition to basic insurance cover
  • 50% of antenatal care
  • Free choice of hospital throughout Switzerland in a selected ward: general, semi-private, private or flex
  • Birth in birthing centres without a cantonal performance mandate
  • Midwife on-call service for home births up to CHF 400.00
  • Birthing pool for water births at home up to CHF 300.00
  • Covers the cost of the new mothers’ package (med. utensils for outpatient birth)
  • Home help for max. 10 days after outpatient birth
  • 50% of post-natal exercise classes
  • 50% of breastfeeding consultations in addition to basic insurance cover
  • Contributions towards the cost of complementary medicine treatments and natural remedies

Register your baby for supplementary insurance before the birth and enjoy the many benefits:

  • Insurance cover for your baby from the very first minute
  • No medical examinations necessary
  • Prenatal registration is possible for all insurance categories in general, private, semi-private, or flex hospital wards
  • The EGK pays the first month’s premium for your baby’s supplementary insurance.
  • Premium discount of 10% on supplementary insurances for families on joint collection of premiums for all persons living in the same household.

All-important information at a glance

We have summarised the most important points regarding insurance cover during pregnancy, birth and for your baby in a flyer.

More information

This page acts as a basic informative aid. The statutory and contractual provisions are legally binding. 

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