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Finding the right insurance solution is sometimes not easy. Our customer advisers are therefore happy to take time for you.

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Forms and downloads

Here you will find all important forms and print templates for download.

If you cannot fill in and send documents online, please print them out, fill them in and send them signed to the agency responsible for you.

You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open or print the PDF files. The free download is available here.

Are you moving house? We are coming with you! Tell us your new address using the online form and we will take care of everything related to your health insurance at your new place of residence. So you can take care of the move in peace without any worries. If you still have questions, your agency will be happy to help.

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You can save on basic insurance premiums by adjusting the deductible to your needs and thus optimising your monthly costs.

To change your deductible for the following year, send us the signed form by 30 November. Please make sure that we receive the change in good time - the date of receipt, not the postmark, is what counts.

Your agency will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Recommend health - with EGK customer referral

Do you value us as a reliable health partner in all circumstances and would like to share this in the future with your friends and acquaintances? We reward you with 100 francs for every successful referral that leads to the conclusion of an EGK-SUN supplementary insurance or EGK-SUN-BASIC agreement! In the case of a basic insurance agreement we reward you with 50 francs.

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If you need a tax statement about the costs of your health insurance with the EGK for your tax return, you can order this here using the online form. The tax statement will be sent by mail.

If you have any questions, your agency will be happy to help.

It is important to us to reimburse you for the treatment costs as quickly as possible in the event of a claim. For efficient processing, please report the accident to us or the office concerned via accident report.

Here you can find out who you should report the accident to:

  • If you work more than 8 hours per week for the same employer, their accident insurance is responsible for non-occupational and occupational accidents.
  • If you work less than 8 hours per week for the same employer, you are covered for occupational accidents while at work, including commuting. Non-occupational accidents must be reported to the health insurance.
  • Children, non-employed persons and pensioners are insured against accidents via the health insurance.
  • If you receive money from unemployment insurance, you are insured against all accidents with Suva. Please contact the unemployment insurance fund.

Insurance conditions of all EGK basic insurance and supplementary insurance

To ensure that you are always up to date, you will find here the general and supplementary insurance conditions of all basic insurance models of EGK-Gesundheitskasse. These are subject to the Swiss Federal Health Insurance Act (KVG). The insurance conditions of the supplementary insurance under the Swiss Federal Insurance Policies Act (VVG)) can be found here.



The numbers of the documents refer to the lists mentioned in the supplementary insurance conditions (EVB).


Other insurances



The numbers of the documents refer to the lists mentioned in the supplementary insurance conditions (EVB).

We are happy to be of assistance

If you have any questions about insurance applications and changes to the insurance or need help filling in one of the forms, the customer advisers at your agency will be happy to help you.


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