Neither telephone terror, nor brokers

  • Comparis - Ethical customer acquisition, hand with thumb up
  • Comparis - no telemarketing
Since 2016, the EGK-Gesundheitskasse has received the "Ethical customer acquisition" label every year. And because EGK-Gesundheitskasse waives telephone calls from third parties, it also receives the "No telephone marketing" label. This practice has proven its worth.

There's nothing more annoying than coming home from work, having dinner with your family and being disturbed by a phone call as soon as you take your second bite. And it's even more annoying when, under a flimsy pretext, a "survey" is carried out, which in the end aims to find out whether one is eligible for a change of insurer, i.e. whether the contact can be arranged. The good thing about this is that you quickly notice if a dubious call center is behind it.

Advertising yes, but clean!

The EGK health insurance fund highly respects the privacy of its citizens. With the two labels " Ethical customer acquisition " and "No telephone marketing", it commits itself to train its own employees accordingly and to guarantee that nobody is contacted illegally. Felix Schneuwly of comparis, which awards the two prizes every year, advises: ""Anyone who receives unsolicited advertising calls disguised as surveys should always ask where the caller got the phone number from and for which client he is calling. If the caller cannot answer immediately, the call should be ended quickly and firmly."