Ginger - a real power tuber

Our December newsletter is dedicated to the power root ginger. Especially in the cold season, this can be used both preventively and soothingly.

Ginger is more than just a spice for warming mulled wine or a Christmas cookie. Known as a "cure-all", the tuber is used internally for travel sickness, indigestion, colic, colds, coughs and flu. However, it not only has a soothing effect on acute complaints, but can also be used preventively, as it strengthens the immune system. Ginger tea, ginger water or even a ginger shot are especially suitable for this purpose.

The ingredients of ginger have an antibacterial effect, strengthen the immune system, stimulate the circulation and support digestion. But this is not the only reason why ginger is suitable for culinary use: Marinades, soups, curries, but also sour pickles, chutneys and meat and fish dishes, the tuber gives a special spicy and aromatic note. Therefore, we especially recommend our December recipe - ginger sweet potato soup with chamomile flowers.

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