On the move again with map and compass

Elena Roos runs in the forest
The first training session in the woods with map and compass after her training accident – a highlight with one or two down-ers for Elena Roos. The third episode of our Elena Roos series – Project 23 is now online.

Elena Roos experiences the exhilaration of her first orienteering training session following a long injury-induced break: finally on the move again over rough ground with map and compass. The training shows that a rocky road lies ahead on the way to her dream of a medal at the World Orienteering Championships 2023 in Flims-Laax. She has to learn how to do things automatically and, most of all, make technical improvements. In the third episode of our video series Elena Roos – Project 23, you can watch Elena training in the woods and see what goes through the athlete’s mind on an orienteering run.

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