Housing and living - today and tomorrow

Vivere 02.2022 Cover, woman at window with book
The latest issue of our health magazine Vivere once again offers a wealth of topics from the diverse EGK cosmos.

In our individualized society, more and more people are opting for an unconventional home. For very different reasons: Some want to make a contribution to climate protection in a smaller apartment, others want more exchange and mutual support in communal living arrangements. Because, as the well-known developmental psychologist Pasqualina Perrig-Chiello says in the latest issue of Vivere: "Our lifestyle, characterized by individualism, has basically reached a dead end."

Healthy activities

However, shared activities also help against the threat of loneliness and isolation. For example, on a "mindful walk in the woods" or in a course on "wild plants and their use in cooking and folk medicine" - both offered by the Zurich Sihlwald Wilderness Park, with which the EGK has had a partnership since this year. Music can also help, as the SNE's contribution shows: it heals and makes people happy - and sometimes even smart.

The current issue of Vivere provides information about this and much more!