Schoolchildren in Bern design natural EGK posters

Since 23 June, pedestrians have been able to enjoy a very special form of advertising in Schanzenstrasse: a class of learners at the Rüti primary school in Ostermundigen was given the opportunity to decorate two APG billboards with natural materials to express our “Nature – my medicine” message.

Since spring, the learners under the direction of their teacher, Simon Mühletaler, have searched for and dried plants and created natural paints from soil. These natural treasures had their debut on Thursday, 23 June 2022: during a multi-hour workshop, the children decorated two billboards at Grosse Schanze in Bern with a nature collage. Until the end of this week, these will frame this year’s campaign for our all-in-one insurance solution EGK-SUN, a supplementary insurance product that gives unrestricted access to natural and complementary medicine.