Everything you need to know about cloves

  • Red cabbage risotto with cloves and apple
  • Red cabbage risotto with cloves and apple
Find out how cloves can be used both in cooking and as a natural remedy.

In cooking
Whole or ground cloves can be used to flavour pickled vegetables, red cabbage, sauerkraut, cooked apples and steamed fruit. Clove powder is also used to make a fine and balanced blend of curry powder. Our recipe creator Mirko Buri has come up with a delicious risotto recipe including cloves. Try it now!

As a natural remedy
Cloves are spicy, stimulating, warming, antiseptic and aromatic, but can also relieve pain, aid digestion, suppress nausea and protect against intestinal parasites. A few drops of clove oil are said to relieve toothache.