Borage - the heart-warming herb

Jar of pesto made from borage leaves
Can a salad lift the spirits and drive melancholy away?

If it is decorated with borage flowers, yes it can – at least that’s what the old herbal books say. 

The fact is that borage, with its fresh, cucumber-like taste not only enriches your cooking, it can also alleviate various ailments.
The applications of borage as a natural remedy are highly complex. If you have any questions about the numerous applications of borage, we recommend you consult a naturopath or knowledgeable chemist.

Borage flowers and leaves have a cucumber-like, sweet taste. That’s why they are often used to add a fresh touch to drinks, fruit or salad. If the flowers come into contact with vinegar, they turn from light blue to red. The flowers are easy to candy, which makes them a good addition to some desserts. Our recipe creator Mirko Buri has come up with a delicious borage pesto salad. Why not make one now with the help of our recipe video.