Stress test passed

A not everyday encounter with the Laufen fire brigade took place at Birspark 1 on 29 June 2021, when the test with the aerial rescue vehicle was made in front of the new main building of the EGK-Gesundheitskasse.

This aerial ladder, part of the Laufen fire brigade, is used for operations at great heights. This can be the case with fires in buildings but also with rescues from great heights. The hoist rescue can be extended to a working height of 32 meters and holds 5 persons and 50 kilos at the same time. 

Stability tested

The fire drill served to test the ground stability at the EGK main building. The aerial rescue vehicle weighs around 18 tonnes and must be able to anchor its legs stably when it comes to a rescue at windy heights. The immediate vicinity of the wooden building is also covered with floral floor slabs, gravel and plantings, and underneath there is a cavity in the form of the underground car park.

Apart from the fact that the flight in the hoist rescue at a height of 25 metres resulted in spectacular photos, the conclusion at the end was: stress test passed.