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Finding the right insurance solution is sometimes not easy. Our customer advisers are therefore happy to take time for you.

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Accident insurance for death and disability - more security for your family

An accident can completely turn a family's life upside down. With EGK-UTI you can protect yourself and your loved ones against the financial consequences of disability or death following an accident.

  • Secure: Persons who are not working or part-time employees and the self-employed often have insurance gaps in accident insurance, which can be easily and conveniently closed with EGK-UTI. Thus you can also provide optimum protection for your children.
  • Easy: In the case of an accident with serious consequences, the person or family member concerned will be paid up to CHF 700,000 (full disability) or up to CHF 100,000 (death).
  • Affordable: EGK-UTI is available from as little as CHF 1.20 per month and thus eases the strain on your household budget, even if you do not have to claim any benefits.

The service provider is SOLIDA Versicherungen AG, Zurich.

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In order to assess whether accident insurance for death and disability makes sense for you, which insurance variant and what sum insured is the right one, your customer adviser takes time for you and all your questions and concerns.

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Free access to complementary medicine: EGK-SUN

With EGK-SUN supplementary insurance, you're covered just right in all situations.

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