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Finding the right insurance solution is sometimes not easy. Our customer advisers are therefore happy to take time for you.

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The travel insurance that adapts to your needs

If you get sick during holidays, it can be really expensive. Outside EU and EFTA countries, basic insurance covers at most twice the amount of the costs that would be paid in the canton of residence in Switzerland. This is often only a fraction of the actual treatment costs, especially in North, Central and South America or in the East Asian region, but also in vacation destinations popular with the Swiss, such as Turkey.

In cooperation with Allianz Travel, EGK-Gesundheitskasse offers you individually customisable all-round protection during your holidays abroad or in Switzerland. Compare the different models and possibilities now!

Health insurance while travelling

It's the nightmare of every tourist: You have been looking forward for months to your hard earned holidays abroad - and once you are there, you suddenly become ill. Annoying, but half so bad if it's just a cold or flu. However, if you need to see a doctor or even have to be treated in a hospital, then it can be really expensive abroad.

Travel insurance protects you precisely against such events. Whether illness, an accident or lost luggage - with travel insurance from EGK and Allianz Travel you are always on the safe side.

No matter where, how long and how often you travel, whether alone or as a family - you tailor the travel insurance that suits your needs individually to your requirements.

Travel insurance for a single tripA single-trip travel insurance plan helps to protect you before your trip against cancellation costs and during the trip against unexpected events.

Annual travel insurance: With annual travel insurance for individuals, families, and couples, you are comprehensive covered for all your trips, including spontaneous short and weekend trips.

Guest insurance: A Schengen travel insurance plan (health care insurance) offers your visitors from abroad a safe stay in Switzerland and the Schengen states.

The right protection for your health

Your EGK customer advisor will help you to find the right protection for your health.

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