Top result from opinion survey

We are currently among the four most popular health insurers in Switzerland. We received a top rating of 5.3 out of 6 from the independent comparison portal

In June, asked 4,700 persons about health insurance. (German), founded in 2004, is a consumer-oriented, neutral comparison website based in Lausanne.

We alone gained first place in the “Vertragsabwicklung” (contract processing) category with a rating of 5.3, "good".
We were nominated Switzerland's most popular health insurer with three others. We are also very proud of our overall rating of 5.3.
The study also covers quality of customer service, where we placed second with 5.3 points. 

Further details, such as regional satisfaction of the three language regions are included in the full satisfaction survey below. Unsurprisingly, 73% of respondents would like to save on premiums. You can find our tips for saving on premiums at

Summary of the EGK result (German) in the customer satisfaction survey.