SNE Symposium 1-2 October 2021: Emancipated Health

  • From left to right: Yvonne Gille, Rolf Dobelli, Fabienne Gigandet, Reto Flury, David Staudenmann
  • Rolf Dobelli, author of the bestseller "The Art of Simple Living"
Whether it is Rolf Dobelli's collection of mental tools, an IT application for teachers or the search for traces of prenatal im-printing: the holistic biopsychosocial approach does not focus on normative health, but rather on the "inner doctor".

Around 300 people were guests of the Foundation for Naturopathy and Experiential Medicine (Stiftung für Naturheilkunde und Erfahrungsmedizin SNE) on the two days of the symposium in the Solothurn Landhaus, in order to inform and educate themselves about complementary medicine concepts again this year. The fact that these concepts can be very different was shown by the number of top-class speakers, who mainly came from the DACH region. 

The inside of the human being

At the SNE symposium, the question of whether and to what extent the interior of the human being is a mirror of its environment was explored from different professional backgrounds. Against the background of Corona, this sounds like a rhetorical question. All the more reason to be curious about the panel discussion on October 2: Moderated by David Staudenmann, santémedia, Yvonne Gilli, President of the Swiss Medical Association (FMH), Fabienne Gigandet, Co-President of Homeopathy Switzerland, Reto Flury, Managing Director of the ECC, and the well-known author Rolf Dobelli discussed what is important in order to survive the current lean period with resilience. Dobelli in particular, who describes himself as a "stoic", spoke of a conscious and self-regulated abstinence from toxic emotions in order to lead a "good life". Yvonne Gilli, who consciously seeks strength and resilience in nature and in friendships because a crisis "always accentuates the good and the bad", sounded a similar note.

«Good vibrations»

Finally, one insight was that self-regulation is much more important than "normative health" (Tobias Esch, University of Witten Herd-ecke). Esch emphasized that it is about becoming an "expert for one's life". And this, according to the conclusion drawn from this year's award of the SNE sponsorship prize, can be achieved with the help of a digital app such as, which (for the time being) is aimed at teachers, who are even more under pressure in tense times. But this can also be supported by ecological (office) construction and the use of natural materials, as the EGK headquarters in Laufen proves, and - according to Reto Flury - leads to good vibrations.  

Missed the presentations and the podium of the Symposium 2021? From 15 October 2021, they will be available online for three months on the "Markt-Platz" platform.