Find a specialist and get a second opinion for free

Unsure whether a recommended treatment is right for you?

The doctor or hospital you choose can have a huge impact on the type of treatment you receive – and how your illness progresses. With BetterDoc, you can now find doctors and hospitals that are best suited to your health needs. Better still, if you have EGK basic or supplementary insurance, you can search for a doctor for free.

For many patients, finding the right doctor can prove challenging. BetterDoc helps you search for a specialist so that you can get a second opinion, effective treatment or a scheduled operation. A medical team assesses your needs to find the best qualified doctors to treat your individual health problem – independently and based on objective information such as case numbers and qualifications. Even medical professionals use the service: “I’mso grateful that I was able to get the help I need through BetterDoc to cure me. At the same time, I’m astounded that even I, as a doctor, was unable to find a suitable medical expert who could really help me,” says Dr Solveig Rockmann, who used BetterDoc to find a specialist for her back problem. “The difference in the quality of doctors is huge and opaque for any layperson to understand. That’s why I think BetterDoc is such an important and necessary service for patients.”