EGK respects your privacy

  • Comparis - no telemarketing
  • Comparis - Ethical customer acquisition, hand with thumb up
For the 6th time in a row, EGK Health Insurance has received the award "Clean customer advertising". As in previous years, it is also awarded the rating "No telephone advertising" by comparis.

Telephone calls from intermediaries are considered unwelcome and annoying by most of us. And although there is an industry agreement "intermediaries" of the health insurers, which is in force since the beginning of 2021, nothing seems to have changed significantly (yet).

Personal advice

The EGK health insurance classifies the privacy of its customers as a high good. Already since 2016/2017, it has therefore received the annual awards for "No telephone advertising" and "Clean customer advertising", which Com-paris awards. EGK is a health insurer that deliberately avoids working with brokers and call centres and instead relies on personal advice from its agency staff.