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EGK guides

The five EGK-Gesundheitskasse guides contain a mixture of background information and a number of practical examples for each topic. Learn more about what’s in the guides here, and use the contact form below to order your copies.

This exciting and entertaining in-depth guide gives a whole new meaning to the phrase «ingeniously simple and simply ingenious». Discover the «power of carrots» or enjoy «weeds as a delicacy».

As long as our heart continues to beat, we continue to live. It’s with us our whole lives, beating from the moment we reach around 2.5 millimetres and have been in the womb for three weeks. This is more of a light-hearted and entertaining feature article than a medical or scientific guide.

An acid–base imbalance can really turn life sour. This guide contains a summary of all you need to know about acid–base homeostasis.

The best things in life are free yet difficult to come by. Tranquillity and the peaceful and restful night’s sleep that it brings are two such luxuries. This entertaining guide reveals how you can achieve such luxuries and combat disruptive influences.

Be nice to your immune system! This guide pays tribute to the body’s most important and most complex regulator, providing an easy-to-understand explanation of how the immune system works as well as useful tips on how to boost it.

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