Life has moved in

On 6 July 2021, the keys were handed over at Birspark 1 in Laufen.

That sounds easier than it was. Before Regine Nyfeler, Flubacher Nyfeler Partner Architekten, could hand over the key to Peter Ursprung, who then handed it to Reto Flury, it first had to be cut free from a block of wood. Shortly after this was done, the Laufen employees arrived, who had gathered for the last time at Brislachstrasse 2 to conquer their future workplace together. A place of activity with a lot of atmosphere, space and sustainability - structurally, humanly and in terms of content.

But the photos show much more: a group experience is based on teamwork and is always a great opportunity to get to know yourself and your colleagues in a completely new way. Particularly in companies, interpersonal contacts and communication are one of the most important things. Photographer Patrik Hänggi, Zwingen, has captured this beautifully with the handover of the keys to EGK.


  • Alex Kummer, Chairman of the Board of Directors of EGK
  • Regine Nyfeler, FNP Architects, hands over the key Peter Ursprung, EGK
  • Peter Ursprung, EGK Board of Directors, hands over the key to Managing Director Reto Flury
  • Voilà!