Herbal Mother Tinctures

Plants build the foundation of human life. They not only serve directly to sustain the lives of human beings, but also constitute a source of joy and strength for them. Medicinal plants, in particular, harbour an enormous potential, in the form of powers able to grant us healing and vitality in times of illness and of health. The extent to which these powers can be used varies greatly. The determining factor is the processing a medicinal plant undergoes in the course of its transformation into a medicinal product. Herbal mother tinctures - these are fresh plant preparations - with a high internal quality are the ideal products for conveying the essence, the personality of a medicinal plant. Thus herbal mother tinctures can be used to work on the spiritual level as well as the physical level.This book presents clear descriptions of the essences of 48 known medicinal plants. The study of a plant`s essence allows the therapist or the patient to establish an internal relationship with the plant, thus permitting a more complete expression of the plant`s healing powers.
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