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A company with a future

EGK headquarters in Laufen

EGK building for the future

2019 is a very special year for EGK: it’s the year in which the company celebrates its 100th anniversary. Over recent decades, what was once a minor health insurance fund from the Laufental region has achieved strong organic growth and now occupies several buildings. Its new headquarters in its home town of Laufen offers plenty of space not only for its employees from the region but also for EGK to continue growing. EGK is building in a sustainable manner that uses resources effectively. For the generations to come and for the future.

Das Fundament des neuen EGK-Hauptsitzes wurde im Dezember gelegt. Nun laufen die Beton-Arbeiten, an denen das gesamte Holzgebäude aufgehängt werden soll.

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Mit geringfügiger Verspätung im Zeitplan konnte der Aushub für den Neubau des EGK-Hauptgebäudes Ende Oktober beendet und mit dem Bau begonnen werden.

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Der Neubau der EGK-Gesundheitskasse nimmt zwar noch keine Form an, aber mittlerweile ist die Baustelle auf der Nau eingerichtet.

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Vor bald drei Wochen ist der Spatenstich für den Neubau des EGK-Hauptsitzes erfolgt. Ein visueller Rückblick auf den Abbruch der bisherigen Überbauung auf dem Nau-Areal.

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The ground-breaking ceremony took place on Saturday, 28 September 2019 at the Nau-Areal in Laufen. Take a look at the short video!

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"For me, the new building is a strong expression of the successful cooperation between public interests and a private company."

Alexander Imhof I Mayor of Laufen

“I am looking forward to working under the same roof with so many EGK employees.”

Roger Müller I Marketing Project Manager

“The Executive Council is pleased that the EGK has decided upon this project and thus shown its commitment to this location in the Canton of Basel-Landschaft. The new building in Laufen will safeguard jobs and strengthen the Laufental as a business location.”

Thomas Weber, Executive Councillor for Basel-Landschaft

“The new building will allow us to further improve our already very high service quality to a significant degree.”

Reto Flury I CEO of EGK

“We are committed to ensuring that the new building is environmentally friendly.”

Ursula Vogt I Head of Communications

“All architecture proposes an effect on the human mind, not merely a service to the human frame.”

John Ruskin (1819-1900), a British writer and social economist

“The Nau building site is currently my favourite photo subject because I am looking forward to having contemporary offices to house all the EGK employees in Laufen.”

Kilian Schmidlin I Head of Corporate Governance

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