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Finding the right insurance solution is sometimes not easy. Our customer advisers are therefore happy to take time for you.

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«Nature is my best medicine»


Unrestricted access to natural and complementary medicine

EGK-SUN offers unrestricted access to complementary medical treatment from therapists and naturopaths recognised by EGK, thereby offering you a real choice of options. As an all-in-one product, this supplementary insurance also comprises further benefits such as emergency expenses and assistance overseas, orthodontics for children and additional preventative and childbirth services. This ensures you have exactly the right cover for your entire life.

You decide on:

  • Hospital ward for inpatient treatment
  • Selectable deductible
  • Accident cover – also abroad
  • Traditional or complementary medicine

More information

«My healthcare is green. That’s why I’m with EGK.»

My health is important to me. A healthy environment is also important to me. That’s why I’m with EGK: Together, we harness the power of nature to be able to look forward to a healthy future.

«Complementary treatment methods are my first choice and EGK is therefore my first port of call. EGK really does stand up for sustainability in healthcare and doesn’t just talk about it.»

Rea Bannier

«EGK-Gesundheitskasse is not only there for me when I’m ill. It also supports me in all other situations in life. I therefore feel in safe hands on all counts. My EGK-TelCare insurance model also enables me to receive free medical advice by telephone around the clock.»

Elena Roos

«My customer advisor at EGK is truly interested in my life and my needs. I therefore no I can trust her – and EGK as well.»

Holger Schüssler
Frau an Tisch

«An insurance solution is only sustainable if it really does suit the insured person. This is the most important aspect for me when being advised.»

Valentina Preka
Customer advisor

«Whenever I have a query or request, my customer advisor knows who he’s talking to. For EGK-Gesundheitskasse I’m not just a number. I still value this enormously after more than 25 years!»

Peter Schweizer

«EGK not only offers policies but also shares knowledge. Everyone receives first-hand information about sustainable living on the themed walks about food waste and water quality.»

Susanne Morger
Cultural Manager
grauhaarige Frau mit Brille

«I’m insured with EGK because it focuses fully on health. I find it more sustainable to treat ailments whenever possible with soft, holistic methods. Before I go to the doctor, I always first try using a long-standing household remedy. I recently purchased the set of compresses with application manual that was presented in VIVERE. While I’m already familiar with various recipes, others are new. I also make sure I lead a healthy lifestyle with sufficient exercise and sleep. Nutrition – regional, seasonal, organic – is also something I find important, and that’s good for me and the environment.»

Sigrid Lüber
Founder and President of OceanCare, policyholder

«My patients appreciate the fact that EGK strongly supports complementary medical therapies. I consider it valuable that EGK has the patronage of the SNE. The associated high-quality academy programme of the SNE makes an important contribution to the quality assurance of therapists.»

Denise Steimann
Mann mit Brille

«I’m delighted about every sheet of paper we can save in our day-to-day work. That’s why I find it so important to develop digital projects further, such as the policyholders’ platform, our app and our new paperless accounting sys-tem.»

Patrick Tanner
Head of ICT

EGK plays its part

Kinder auf Schaukel

Focus on your health

Everyone bears a shared responsibility for their health and we help you to promote, foster and conserve it.

  • Playground for all in Laufen
  • Exercise, games and fun for the whole family exercise guide (“Bewegung, Spiel und Spass in der ganzen Familie”)
  • Vituro electronic health platform
  • Prevention in your supplementary insurance
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Our policyholders receive more from us than just security:

  • App and customer portal for digital policy management
  • Vivere quarterly health magazine
  • Guides on health issues
  • Themed walks and sports events
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