The EGK in search of a new post

The EGK-Gesundheitskasse has been enthusiastic about orienteering for many years. Reason enough to take part in the 69th Basel-Landschaft Team-OL on 24 October 2021 - with first-class support from Simone Niggli-Luder.

After last year's Basel-Land team orienteering race organised by the Baselland sports office had to be cancelled at short notice due to the pandemic, the EGK-Gesundheitskasse will also be taking part with (at least) one team on 24 October 2021 - including Reto Flury, Managing Director, because: "Orienteering is a wonderful sport: it demands the whole person and combines the sporting experience with the pure experience of nature". The fact that the team orienteering event is being held at the local mountain "Stürmechopf" is an additional incentive for the EGK, which is headquartered in the town of Laufen.

Reinforcement with Simone Niggli-Luder

The EGK is especially pleased that Simone Niggli-Luder, the best orienteer of all times and ambassador of the EGK, will participate. The Niggli-Luder family of five has just returned to Switzerland this summer from a year-long stay in Sweden. The country was chosen deliberately: Scandinavia is not only considered the cradle of orienteering, but is also famous for its forests and unspoiled nature.

Nature is the best medicine

The fact that the EGK and Simone Niggli-Luder are working together is no coincidence: the link to nature is a matter close to both their hearts. As early as the 1970s, the EGK-Gesundheitskasse was already paying for complementary remedies and therapies for recovery, thus offering insurance specifically to those people who wanted to make a free and conscious choice between conventional and complementary medicine. Thanks to its pioneering work and comprehensive range of products, the EGK is still considered the market leader in this field: with EGK-SUN, the EGK offers an all-in-one product that enables barrier-free access to complementary medical treatments and provides optimum cover for insured persons in all situations and phases of life.