EGK is against telemarketing

The EGK health insurance company is again awarded the labels "Ethical customer acquisition" and "No telemarketing" by the comparis.ch online comparison service.

For the fifth time already, the online comparison service comparis.ch has awarded the label "Ethical customer acquisition" this year - the EGK health insurance company may also use this label this year. The EGK thus publicly commits itself to comply with the rules of the law against unfair competition in telephone and e-mail advertising and to inform called parties transparently about where addresses and customer data come from. Furthermore, the EGK undertakes to comply with deletion and blocking requests from contacted persons.

In addition, the EGK health insurance company will again receive the label "No telemarketing" this year because it undertakes to completely refrain from customer acquisition by telephone. "From the owners of one of these two labels, policyholders are not threatened with contacting them against their will", explains Felix Schneuwly, Head of Public Affairs of comparis.ch. This is more beneficial for consumers than the branch agreements which have not been able to end the telephone terror so far.

Even before the introduction of the labels in 2015, the EGK health insurance company already stood up against aggressive customer advertising and unwanted phone calls - out of conviction. "We respect the privacy of our customers," says Reto Flury, Managing Director of the Basel-based insurance company. He is pleased that more and more health insurers are following suit and making a binding commitment to refrain from such advertising measures: This year, twelve insurers received the "Ethical customer acquisition" label, two more than last year. Among the 14 health insurers that are also allowed to use the label "No telemarketing", there are even three more than last year.

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