Always present: EGK’s digital insurance card

Insurance card EGK
Thanks to the “myEGK” app, you can now also identify yourself digitally in over 5,000 medical practices, pharmacies and hospitals in Switzerland: the digital Vicard insurance card makes this possible.

Thanks to the Swiss health insurance card, these days it is easy to register at a doctor’s surgery or pay for medication directly via your health insurer at the pharmacy. Now EGK policyholders no longer have to have this key to the healthcare system in their wallet. The myEGK app contains a digital version of the card. Using a QR code or barcode, over 5,000 service providers across Switzerland can view your card details directly from your mobile phone screen, giving them access to the administrative information they need to process transactions and bill your health insurer for services.

This also makes visiting the doctor even easier for families. Specifically, they can store all family members in the app – and thus also have access to their insurance cards. This means that your children’s card will never again be forgotten at home.

Download our “myEGK” app on your mobile now and take advantage of the digital insurance card as well as keeping track of your insurance cover, your personal data, documents and cost contributions at all times. Thanks to the scan function, you can also submit invoices and receipts to EGK via the app, thus saving time and money!

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