A biotope for hedgehogs and other creatures

  • Certification of the Nature & Economy Foundation (german)
On 13 December 2021, the Nature & Economy Foundation granted EGK unrestricted certification for Birspark 1, Laufen. Managing Director Reto Flury is delighted.

The EGK site (...) meets the criteria of the Nature & Economy Foundation for a near-natural company site". Behind this almost terse introductory sentence in the Foundation's audit report, a great deal is said. Namely:

  • 2140 square metres of the building's perimeter are designed to be close to nature, which is 70% (of a required minimum of 30%).
  • With a few exceptions, native tree and shrub species have been planted throughout the site. This makes it a year-round biotope for birds, insects and small animals.
  • The ruderal area ("wasteland") under the old trees is planted with native flowers, grasses and perennials. The autumn leaves are left lying around. This creates a habitat for small animals - from hedgehogs and shrews to moths and caterpillars - and provides the soil with nutrients.
  • The water balance on the site is designed in an exemplary natural way. Wherever possible, infiltration-capable surfacing was used around the building.
  • In addition, further possibilities were greened in a structurally rich way (e.g. part of the roof terrace).

"Very satisfied"

The EGK health insurance is very pleased with the award. Reto Flury, Managing Director: "The fact that we have created a valuable habitat for native animal and plant species on more than 2100 square metres is no coincidence." Nature and sustainability are values that EGK has been advocating since before they were widely accepted in society. "We shared these values with pg landschaften GmbH, Sissach, who are responsible for the implementation."