Mamogramm von Diptam

Delicate herbs as an eye-catcher and visual protection

The new EGK headquarters will be flooded with light. In order to ensure that the staff are not completely exposed despite the glass walls in the offices, the EGK relies on medicinal herbs.

However, the herbs should not simply be photographed and stuck to the glass surfaces. Instead, the plants were bathed, packed in hydrogel and then mammographed in a hospital - a technique normally used to detect breast cancer. In the picture gallery we show you how this special mammography was prepared and performed.

  • Arzt mit Hygienemaske
  • Diptam-Blüte in Hydrogel
  • Oregano unter Mammograf
  • Kräuter in Klinik
  • Kräuter in Hydrogel
  • Oregano unter Wasserhahn
  • Mammogram von Quendel
  • Mammogram von Salbei
  • Oregano im Topf
  • Schöllkraut im Topf