Certificate for biodiversity and quality of life

After receiving the preliminary certificate from the Nature & Economy Foundation for nature-oriented environmental planning for Birspark 1 in April 2020, the EGK-Gesundheitskasse is now aiming for confirmation of successful implementation.

Recently, we received a visit from Janine Eberle, a specialist from the Nature & Economy Foundation, who came to see for herself how close to nature the area has finally become. She had been sent the comprehensive maintenance concept in advance, so that she was able to inspect the site and take photographs of important details.

At least 30 percent

The Foundation's certificate is awarded to company sites that make an important contribution to the preservation of natural biodiversity and quality of life through their special ecological value. Certification is open to companies and institutions from all sectors as soon as the relevant criteria are met. The basic principle is that at least 30 percent of the surrounding area must be designed to be close to nature. However, the extensive catalogue of criteria goes much further and, in addition to plants, perennials and trees, also includes biodiversity, soil of regional origin, roof and rainwater, plant pruning, nesting aids and no use of pesticides.

Just under 44 percent

With an area of 2140 m2 landscaped close to nature, the EGK headquarters, whose plot covers 4880 m2 , even achieves almost 44 percent. The 30-page maintenance concept for the planting states: "The planting concept for the new EGK building is very diverse and based on a dynamic community of perennials. This means that the planting is allowed to develop and always shows new interesting aspects." This means, for example - casually spoken - that the foliage can be left lying around.

The Foundation Board of Natur & Wirtschaft will decide on the award of the certificate at its meeting on 13 December.